Osbee testimonials.

"I have been testing all the systems this week-end, and I must say that I am very satisfied with the result. It has actually exceeded my expectations. It is simple to use, well built and programmed, and of high quality. I started with a very simple idea of upgraded home theater and ethernet network, and your creativity and skillset has given us a perfect system. The final result is exactly the reason why I chose Osbee instead of your competitors, even for the additional cost. So thank you all for your efforts, and I hope we can work together on additional projects in the future."         - Westchester, NY Homeowner

"David, as an owner and a boss I usually handle peoples' complaints. Once and awhile it's nice to hear something positive. Both Jared and Randy have done a really fine job on some of the various projects both personal and business wise over the last yr. As a growing company [we have] a sense of confidence and trust in the way both your staff have approached the issues we've had. I wanted you to know as one owner to another that we appreciate all your efforts. You've known me over the yrs and when something bothers me I'm not bashful so if I take the time to tell you this I mean it sincerely.          - Best regards, [Westchester, NY Small Business Owner and Homeowner]"

"Jared just finished showing us how to use the touch screens, and I wanted to convey how excited we are to be using the system after so many months of planning and a crazy construction schedule! At some point I never thought it would be finished, but as I sit on the couch and dim the lights and close the shades, all I can say, is thanks for convincing us to go all the way."          - New York, NY Homeowner

"The most unexpected thing is how much we use the theater. We all LOVE it! The kids especially love to bring their friends over. With [my husband's schedule] it's brought us together as a family in a way I never expected. Thanks for your terrific vision (and finding that popcorn machine)."          - Greenwich, CT Homeowner