Our Quality

our quality:
Flawless, detailed, enduring.

Everyone at Osbee shares a single goal: to provide each of our clients with the best and most carefully executed solution possible. From the overall design and engineering down to the meticulous labeling of every wire in the equipment rack, your installation – whether it’s a dedicated home theater, automated lights and climate control, or a fully automated home – will be created and installed with as much attention to detail and aesthetics as all the other designs and finishes in your home.

Every system is fully documented on detailed plans so that installation, servicing, and future upgrades can be easily implemented. All wiring is neatly bundled and clearly labeled – not something every A/V company cares about – but to us it’s as important as the perfect application of paint on your walls or the seamless corner joints of the moulding in your dining room.

Even the wiring hidden in the walls or the brackets behind your HDTV flatscreen displays and mirror TVs are treated like finish details, because whether you see it or not, we know that every single detail matters.