Design and Engineering

design and engineering:
Anything is possible.

Every project we do begins with an engineer. Whether your project is a simple one-room setup, a whole-house audio system, a fully appointed dedicated home theater, or a complex whole-house automation system, an engineer will design the system and create the proposal. This ensures that the system is properly designed to include all necessary components, with no surprises as the project progresses.

Our team of engineers is very detail-oriented. In designing a project, we look at the plans from a designer’s perspective to ensure that the audio, video, and automation systems enhance the unique style of your home rather than spoil it. In engineering a project, we address potential problems long before they have the chance to develop into actual problems.

And because we are a custom company, we are prepared to meet design challenges. If a solution doesn’t already exist, we will engineer one. With Osbee, anything is possible.